Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kickin' Up Our Heels With Our Good Friends!

Peyton &
with her Strawberry Shortcake Panties - ooops!
Mimi The Silly Billy

Sweet, "Do-No-Wrong" Carson

With Big Sister

Precious, "Tell-No-Lie" Peyton

The Apple Of Daddy's Eye!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
& makes my teeth sooooooo pretty too!

Life is Good!
I've Got My Daddy, My Apple &
My Camera.

I LOVE My Daddy :-)
Wei Wei


Sister Love...Madeline Clementine, Emily Annabeth & Charlotte Whatley!
Princess Wei Wei Loves Snow White!

Nay Nay Loves
Wei Wei! Grammie Linda aka Nay Nay @ Girls Weekend

Sisters Sisters Everywhere
Making Faces, We Don't Care!

Pizza Party With Our Friends
Pictured Rear Right To Left
Peyton & Carson Hall, Alycia Newell, Emily, Charlotte (Wei Wei) and Maddie Bininger, Ayana & Daniel Newell

Aunt Lizzie LOVES
To Have Her Hair Brushed
Nite Nite Termite!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Charlotte's First Pizza Party

Peyton Hall
Wei Wei - Charlotte lovin' life!
Daniel Newell

Hangin' in Emily's Room with the big kids is pretty cool!(Peyton Hall; Ayana, Alyicia & Daniel Newell; big sisters Emily, Madeline & ME, see the back of my head!)

Pizza is yummy food - especially with friends!

American Girls Dolls Hair Salon - May We Help You?!

The Playroom. The Dilemma. So Many Choices. Never Enough Time. What's A Girl To Do?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bubblicious Indeed!

Kiss Kiss, Sis Sis, Bliss Bliss
Bubblicious -Licious Licious :-)
Bubble Girls, Lots of Swirls.....
3 Sisters In A Tub
Add Bubbles
Hubba Hub ("GOOD" in Chinese!)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sisters - For Life & Lots of Laughs!

Tootie Fruitey
Oh I'm A Cutey
Home Day One
Wow This Is F-U-N, Fun!

The Giggle Girls
Pictured Left To Right
Madeline 4
Charlotte 2
Emily 7

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane, Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again..

Well China, I am going to my 2nd home in Tallahassee, Florida USA. I will leave the White Swan Hotel on Wednesday 1/10 China time at 6am and arrive in Newark, New Jersey on January 11th to spend the night and freshen up so we can fly home on Momma's birthday, which is January 12th. She will be 45 years old. Oh my.

Our flight should be in at 5:20pm-ish. Check out our travel itinerary to be sure cuz Momma is a spazzoid right now.

Gotta go to bed. We may blog in New Jersey.

Peace Out!

Where Is Our Red, White & Blue?

It's official. Today we had our US Consulate appointment and swearing in. Yippee! This is the last step in the process except for the Florida recognition of the foreign adoption, that is required since Baba (daddy) did not travel with us. Where is our red white and blue? How tacky!
This handsome man is Jason, the CCAI rep in Guangzhou. He is so nice and helpful. He is originally from the Hunan province and left the family farm to go to college to work. Such a kind man! His momma must be proud!
"The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round....All Around Guangzhou!"

Monday, January 09, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Fashion Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder....
Yesterday, we enjoyed a bride and bridal party that were dressed in punk style clothing and hairdoo's that looked like Wei Wei's and Na Nay's! I think Flat Stanley is liberating Mrs. Dowdell, don't you 2nd graders? Liberating is a good thing because it allows you to have more fun and laugh at yourself. Don't you think Mrs. is soooooooooooo silly?

Maybe Charlotte will be a punker since she is not a bowhead.......

FYI - the bride wore a short white dress with Doc Martin boots. Unique, huh!

Hi Second Graders
This is the Pearl River. We are on the Shamain Island in Guangzhou. This beautiful river, the third largest in China, flows into the China Sea.
Unfortunately the river is polluted, but the Chinese are trying to clean it. All day and all night, long barges go up and down the river dredging the bottom to remove the silt.
We have had some wonderful food in China. The Chinese eat some unusual things--how about arm of pigeon,(the Chinese restaurants hang puny little pigeons in the restaurant windows), ink of squid, marinated goose web, or oxtail soup to name just a few. Boy would I like fries and a shake.
In your reading book is a story about Chinatown. I have seen all the things in that story. I am so glad I had read that story so I knew a little about China before I came.
One of my favorite experiences happened on the way to the Great Wall. My friend bought a toy robot that sang the letters of the alphabet and played melodies of American songs. One of the songs was Old McDonald had a Farm so I started to sing. Soon the driver of the van began to sing it in Chinese. Before long everyone was singing in their own language. It was very funny to hear a duck sound in Chinese. Everywhere we go we say nee how (Chinese for hello) and then people say hello to us. We have made many new friends and learned a few Chinese words.
We leave for Hong Kong on Wednesday and will get home on Thursday. It is a very long trip but once again I will meet new friends.
Your friend,
Flat Stanley

Wei Wei Loves....

Dancing with her hot pink umbrella
where she can create her own dance moves..
and inner spirit and sensibilities...

merge. Wei Wei IS a happy soul and a gift to our family.

Yogurt in China is good. I have a 4 a day habit. It is not like ANY yogurt in the USA. I hope Momma and Baba can find something similar for me as I love it more than chocolate, more than shopping and more than eating chocolate while we are shopping....

But guess what? I LOVE wearing lots of jewelry - all at once. I am cheesy like my MOMMA!

Peace Out Everybody!

Wei Wei

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chinese Dance Is Lovely Anywhere, Anytime!

Belinda & Charlotte enjoy Chinese senior citizens practicing traditional Chinese dance in the park early Monday morning, January 9th. The dances were complete with lovely Chinese music, props and choreographed routines.
Speaking of lovely, this dance instructor almosts seems to mimmick the bronze statue of the music instructor playing the violin & leading the children in dance. Being in China and enjoying all it's rich culture is an overwhelming experience that improves each time I return. (Belinda)

Peek-A-Boo is a game we can play - even with our language issues!

"Mom can't wait for me to get a hairdo from Miss Kelly, since I will NOT wear hairbows, bobby pins or scrunchies. But honestly, I think she is lucky I have any hair at all, cuz ya know that our heads are sometimes shaved. Momma says she would love me anyway I look, but I am just glad she could get that darn hairbow thing out of her system with my big sisters Emily & Madeline"

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Great Wall In Guangzhou

Great Wall Wine In China

Orbra & I discovered Great Wall wine when we adopted Maddie Boo in 2002. Just 3 1/2 short years later, this fine wine is still available in only the most discriminating locations. Luckily we found another 7-11 convenience store near the White Swan Hotel. Seriously, for all of you soon to be travelers who enjoy wine, you will find this local wine to be delightful!

Guangzhou - We Are Here

The White Swan Hotel Throne
This photo was taken in the hotel
bathroom on the potty!

Don't worry Liz & Popeye. This is for a photo, and not for actual use!

The White Swan Hotel
This is a view outside of our room
taken through the window.
Nice view, huh!
Princess Charlotte's New Stroller
"I love my new stroller and so does momma and Na Nay cuz it's a new babysitter. I love to just sit in it or ride in it when we shop or dine. It's really cool in the airport so I can't run away."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Beijing - Cliff Notes Version

Charlotte shares her excitement for a full day of sightseeing & shopping. "Oh goody, this will be soooo much fun!"

Forbidden City

Linda & Grace

Tiantian - Temple of Heaven

Charlotte & Grace

Lunch & Entertainment

The food was good, served in a polynesian gone safari atmosphere. Kind-of sketchy but fun! Live entertainment in lovely costumes of who know what or why?
Summer Palace


Belinda, Charlotte & Linda

just prior to sunbathing.